Boris Johnson latest: Prime Minister confirms return of home ownership to boost home ownership

Boris Johnson says vote of no confidence ‘decisive’ despite massive Tory rebellion

Boris Johnson has confirmed plans to extend the right to buy to tenants of housing association homes.

He said there are 2.5 million households whose homes are owned by associations, saying “they’re trapped, they can’t buy, they don’t have security of ownership, they can’t consider their house like theirs or make the improvements they want”.

Mr Johnson added that some associations have treated tenants with “scandalous indifference”.

However, the government’s right to buy plan has been branded a ‘dangerous thing’ by the charity Shelter, with the group’s chief executive calling on the PM to ‘stop wasting time’ on failed policies .

Shelter CEO Polly Neate said the government’s promise to replace social homes sold through the right to buy “has failed”.

“The government needs to stop wasting time on the failed policies of the past and start building more of the safe social housing that this country really needs.”


Detainees expelled from Rwanda could be freed if first flight is delayed

People held in UK detention centers before being sent to Rwanda could be freed if legal action means the first deportation flight is delayed.

Up to 130 people have been told they may be removed from the inaugural flight, which is due to take off on Tuesday.

But lawyers for more than 90 people have already submitted legal challenges asking to stay in the UK, with the others expected to follow suit this week.

Care4Calais, the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union and Detention Action are seeking a judicial review of the Rwandan scheme – which they have called “illegal” – in the High Court, with a hearing scheduled for Friday.

The flurry of legal action has cast doubt on whether the first flight will go ahead as planned.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said: “We remain confident in our position, if the legal challenges force us to go to court, we will plead our case. It’s true to say that the first flight is scheduled for next week, so we have it ready to go.

In the event of a delay, Home Office officials are said to be prepared to release and monitor detainees with measures that could include their release on bail and the requirement to register regularly at a detention centre. reporting.

The government may have to allow detainees to leave if the flight cannot take place within a reasonable time, under rules on migrant detention powers which prevent those facing deportation from being detained indefinitely.

Tom BatchelorJune 9, 2022 5:22 p.m.


LTNs work, new in-depth study concludes

Away from housing for another burning political issue, the Center for London produced a report which found that Low Traffic Neighborhoods (LTNs) are successful and should be used more widely to reduce car use and encourage active travel .

Here is their Twitter feed on their key findings:

Tom BatchelorJune 9, 2022 4:59 p.m.


How the housing announcement might affect you

Here’s a guide from PA Media on how the housing announcement might impact you:

– What about the Purchase Right?

An extension of the Right to Buy scheme in England, which has made home ownership a reality for two million homes since the 1980s, has been announced.

The extension of the program could benefit up to 2.5 million tenants who would obtain the right to buy. The government says it will work closely with the housing association sector on the design of the scheme.

– What impact could this have on the supply of affordable housing?

The government says it will commit to building replacement social housing for each one sold.

However, some groups have raised concerns that this may not happen in reality, based on past experiences.

The Local Government Association (LGA) advises that all homes sold must be replaced promptly, within the same local authority area and on a comparable basis.

Tom BatchelorJune 9, 2022 4:34 p.m.


Watch: Boris Johnson has taken the ‘wrecking ball’ in EU relations, says Starmer

Boris Johnson has taken the ‘wrecking ball’ in EU relations, says Starmer

Thomas KingleyJune 9, 2022 4:03 p.m.


Boris Johnson tells workers to take pay cuts or the UK faces 1970s-style ‘stagflation’

Workers will have to make do with pay cuts in real terms if Britain is to avoid 1970s-style “stagflation” and soaring interest rates, Boris Johnson has warned.

The Prime Minister has made a surprising U-turn on a promise – made just months ago – to create a high-wage economy, instead highlighting the pain to come from rising inflation.

Read the full story of our Deputy Political Editor, Rob Merrickhere:

Tom BatchelorJune 9, 2022 3:39 p.m.


Watch: Johnson confirms plans to expand right-to-buy program

Boris Johnson confirms plans to expand right to buy scheme targeting 2.5million households

Tom BatchelorJune 9, 2022 3:09 p.m.


Johnson calls for more low-deposit mortgages

Boris Johnson has said he wants to secure a “ready stream” of low deposit mortgages.

“Yes, we need to help people get deposits, but we need to have a lot more 95% mortgages,” he said.

“It’s punitively difficult for so many people now in this country, it doesn’t have to be that way, it’s one of the reasons we’re reforming it.”

Tom BatchelorJune 9, 2022 2:53 p.m.


Prime Minister silent on tax cuts

The Prime Minister declined to give further details on his announced plans to reduce the tax burden.

Asked about the speculation of a 2p income tax cut, Boris Johnson said: “On what Rishi (Sunak) and I are talking about tax measures, you’re just going to have to contain your impatience there .”

He said the government was “strongly inclined to stimulate more growth, more productivity with tax cuts as they become reasonable”.

Mr Johnson added: ‘The cost of housing is a big chunk of spending, transport is a big chunk, childcare is a big chunk, energy is a steadily growing chunk, but taxation is the most important of all and we certainly aim to reduce it. ”

Tom BatchelorJune 9, 2022 2:29 p.m.


Government to Consider Reducing Lifetime ISA Savings and ISA Purchase Assistance from Universal Credit Eligibility Rules

The government will explore reducing the Lifetime ISA Savings and ISA Purchase Aid from Universal Credit eligibility rules.

Boris Johnson said it will ‘enable hard-working people to set aside a little each month until they have enough for a deposit on their first home’.

The Prime Minister also said mortgage help for those who lose their jobs would be available more quickly and that the government was also considering steps to ‘secure’ part of the £30billion housing benefit bill to to fund more housing development.

Mr Johnson said the comprehensive package ‘would not only help us build many more homes in the right place, but help millions of people achieve what is currently an unattainable dream of home ownership’.

The prime minister also added that the government would consider having more than 95% mortgages to help aspiring homeowners move up the ladder.

Thomas KingleyJune 9, 2022 2:02 p.m.


Boris Johnson addresses the availability of social housing

Boris Johnson addresses one of the biggest criticisms of housing policy – its impact on the availability of existing social housing.

He said: “We want to see at least one replacement and we want to build hundreds of thousands more homes every year.”

Mr Johnson said his government would launch a comprehensive review of the mortgage market to look at how access to low deposit mortgages could be secured.

“Today I can announce a comprehensive review of the mortgage market, reporting this fall, it will look at how we can give our nation of aspiring homeowners better access to low deposit mortgages,” Mr Johnson said in a speech on the economy.

Thomas KingleyJune 9, 2022 1:59 p.m.