Latest Mobile Price in Pakistan and PTA Tax Calculator | 2022

What mobile price in pakistan is a very common question on which everyone often searches Google, yahooand Bing. Mobile taxes are also linked to their latest prices. After importing the mobile phone, the user should pay the tax to PTA before they start using their mobile phone. Because when the PTA fee is paid, PTA will register the mobile phone device and the user can start using it.

PTA tax is very common in Pakistan. Every mobile user in Pakistan first registers their mobile device with PTA and then can be used. In particular, the buyer of an imported mobile phone must pay the import tax and the PTA tax before it is registered.

What is a problem mobile price in pakistan has gone up now a days due to price inflation. Such an increase in mobile phone prices has led to an increase in the value of the dollar in Pakistan. The devaluation of Pakistani rupees has become a big challenge for the Pakistani government.

Here we will do our best to give what is a mobile price in Pakistan for different models of mobile phones and from different mobile companies.

Here is the list of cell phones, on which Pakistanis search a lot, what is the price of a cell phone in Pakistan?

List of mobile phone models and companies

  • Samsung-Mobile
  • Mobile Huawei
  • Mobile Vivo
  • Honor Mobile
  • OPPO Mobile
  • Realme-Mobile
  • nokia
  • Xiaomi Mobile
  • Infinix-Mobile
  • apple iphone
  • Tecno-Mobile
  • Q-Mobile
  • Mobile Lenovo
  • Mobile Sony
  • Mobile LG
  • Itel-Mobile
  • Mobile OnePlus
  • Telenor Mobile
  • Alcatel Mobile
  • HTC-phone
  • Microsoft-Mobile
  • Rivo-Mobile
  • Mobile Haier
  • Mobilink JazzX Mobile
  • Motorola Mobile
  • Blackberry
  • mobile voice
  • MeizuMobile
  • OPhone Mobile
  • Quiet Mobile
  • GRight Mobile
  • GFive Mobile
  • mobile club
  • Mobile Sony Ericsson

Latest Mobile Price in Pakistan and PTA Tax Calculator

Due to DIRBS, you need to pay PTA tax first to register it in Pakistan. Then you can use it with your local sim card here in Pakistan.

PTA tax and customs duty you must pay within 30 days (in case of PTA passport registration) and 60 days (in case of PTA ID card registration) to register your phone with PTA. If you want to use it with any local SIM card after importing it to Pakistan.

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) collects a tax on all imports of mobile phones into Pakistan. We give a list of PTA tax rates to determine the approximate amount PTA taxes on mobile phone imports to Pakistan.

Mobile Phones PTA Tax Calculator (Passport)

Mobile phone value in USD PTA Tax in Pak Rupees (PKR)
$1 to $30 Rs.430
$31 to $100 Rs.3200
$101 to $200 Rs.9580
$201 to $350 Rs. 12200 + 17% Ad Valorem Sales Tax
$351 to $500 Rs. 17800 + 17% Ad Valorem Sales Tax
$501 or more Rs. 36870 + 17% Ad Valorem Sales Tax

PTA Tax Calculator for Mobile Phones (CNIC)

Mobile phone value in USD PTA Tax in Pak Rupees (PKR)
$1 to $30 Rs.550
$31 to $100 Rs. 4323
$101 to $200 Rs. 11561
$201 to $350 Rs. 14661 + 17% Ad Valorem Sales Tax
$351 to $500 Rs. 23420 + 17% Ad Valorem Sales Tax
$501 or more Rs. 37007 + 17% Ad Valorem Sales Tax

How to check the status of the PTA by SMS?

Follow the steps below to check the status of the PTA.

  • Open your smartphone’s numeric keypad.
  • To get the 15-digit IMEI code, dial *#06#.
  • Send the IMEI code to 8484.
  • You will receive an SMS with information on your mobile phone Tax status of the PTA.

How to check PTA status via DIRBS website?

The DIRBS website is another way to see the PTA tax status of your mobile phone.

  • Send the IMEI of the device to the official DIRBS website.
  • You will receive one of the text messages listed below.
  • Your device’s IMEI is compatible and approved by PTA. So you can use services for different types of networks.
  • If the IMEI of your mobile phone is not compliant, users can use the services of all networks. To register, send an SMS to PTA, which will validate your smartphone.
  • Your device’s IMEI has been blocked and you will not be able to use it in Pakistan. Pay PTA taxes to use the smartphone.
  • If you see a notice that your device’s IMEI has been blocked, you need to register your smartphone.

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