Loans for young people, here are the possibilities offered

If you are a young person and you want to realize a dream and apply for a loan to buy a car, to finance your education and / or professional training or for any other activity, discover the solutions proposed by Molly Bloom that best suit your personal needs. for a critique

Personal loans: how do they work?

Personal loans: how do they work?

More and more banks and financial companies are able to provide loans or solutions designed for credit customers in the 18 to 70 age range .

Young people are notorious for representing a rather risky class of consumers for the banking channel : employment conditions and the labor market are critical and, moreover, solid earnings guarantees are lacking such as to consider them as reliable subjects.

Credit solutions 

Credit solutions 

However, to meet the demands of even the youngest, Molly Bloom proposes several credit solutions that prove to be really interesting:

  • the classic personal loan , which can be requested for the purchase of any consumer goods, to renovate a home or even just to have some liquidity. In personal loans, the installments are constant and the repayment has a fixed interest rate. Thanks to the partnerships stipulated with the most important banking institutes, Molly Bloom is able to offer multiple solutions from 1500 to 100 thousand euros, with a duration of 12 to 120 months.
  • the flexible loan , made available thanks to a special agreement with ABC. With this type of loan, which is particularly convenient, you can skip or postpone an installment or change the amount to be paid or the duration of the loan;
  • financing proposals for SMEs , which can help young people who want to start or grow new businesses. Thanks to the intermediation of Molly Bloom’s consultants, you can obtain mortgages or leases at advantageous and above all transparent conditions. With this proposal, young entrepreneurs have the opportunity to succeed in developing their business by opening it to new market prospects.

Therefore, the proposals are not lacking. Contact a Molly Bloom consultant today and find the conditions best suited to your needs.

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