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Movia is the financial company of the Midliabank Group and has been dealing with consumer credit since 1960.

Movia offers its customers a wide range of financial solutions to meet all needs: specific and payday loans, installment credit cards and salary or pension salary.

Movia has 158 direct branches and more than 1,300 employees, as well as having established 100 partnership agreements with banks, insurance institutions and companies in the distribution sector, to make its presence widespread throughout the national territory. Movia customers are currently 2.3 million and loans disbursed are close to 10 billion euros.



Movia payday loans are flexible and configurable depending on the client’s needs, as in the case of Movia Easy. Those who want to make installment payments flexible can subscribe to Movia Total Flex or Movia Jump; Movia Leggero and Movia Young, on the other hand, are designed for those who want a mini-deal at the start of the loan, while Cora Tonka is characterized by a certain installment and Don Qikate to remember. Finally, Movia Unica is the optimal solution for those who have other financing in progress.
The sale of the fifth, on the other hand, is a personal loan reserved for public sector employees, state or private and pensioners. The loan installment will be debited directly in the pay slip or on the pension slip and retained by the employer or social security institution who will pay the creditor. The amount of the installment will be, at most, one fifth of the monthly income. The loan with fifth assignment is granted in a short time and paid by check or credit on the current account.

The products described refer to the products offered by individual partners; not all products offered by the single partner are available on Don Qikate



Among the cards offered by Movia we find MoviaPay Account & Card, a card with IBAN that allows the holder to have all the main services provided by a current account. The card allows you to withdraw cash, make payments online and in physical stores, house utilities, credit your salary and arrange and receive bank transfers. In addition to the MoviaPay account and card, Movia also offers two credit cards, MoviaPay Flex and MoviaPay Gold, depending on

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