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In recent years, changes in the labor market have accelerated vertiginously. New technologies impacted each work area and more and more people need to update their knowledge to maintain their position or get promoted. However, many of the best training courses can be expensive and you need to get fast personal credits .

The good news is that education is an investment, so everything we spend on it will be recovered in the form of better salaries (for this it is key that we know how to negotiate the increase) and therefore more comfortable positions. There are courses for all disciplines. We tell you how to take advantage of them.


Professional training courses

Professional training courses

As changes in the different work areas are accelerated, some university careers run the risk of losing validity too quickly. That is why one of the best alternatives to keep up with the changes are professional training courses.

The courses have the advantage of being short, fast and cheaper than university careers. However, the best may have a difficult cost to pay if we are out of work or expect a promotion. Luckily, we can turn to a fast personal credit through the web and start leading our career.


Administration training courses

Administration training courses

To achieve the necessary knowledge in the administrative area we no longer need to have a master’s degree. There are different courses related to the field that we can take advantage of and we don’t even need to move from our house. The University of Buenos Aires offers different courses in Administration and Accounting that we can do online or in face-to-face version if we prefer.

Some of the administration training courses are:

  • Salary Settlement Course
  • Accounting Assistant Course
  • Bank teller and financial institutions course
  • Administrative Assistant Diploma
  • Executive Secretarial Course

The cost is not high compared to the benefits that may result from training. Some last less than a day and others a few more weeks, but none take more than four months. In addition to the UBA, there are many entities that offer a similar service to improve our knowledge.


Teacher training courses

Teacher training courses

The teaching field is unlike any other. In them is the responsibility of shaping the next generations and their training is very important. Most provincial governments offer free online courses for the entire country.

There are several about new digital skills to learn and be able to train children in the field of technology. There are also several on educational management for those who want to leave the classroom and get fully into the field of planning. On the other hand, we can find some that help us deal with everyday classroom problems such as bullying.

Some of the teacher training courses are:

  • Digital Communication
  • Communication and new technologies
  • Education Management
  • Game and school knowledge
  • Bullying, grooming and human trafficking

But in addition, there are availability of classroom courses in most cities of the country. Some have cost but allow access to management positions in schools. These are interesting proposals that deliver certification.


Sales Training Courses

Sales Training Courses

The technology had a huge impact on the sales area. A smile is no longer enough to reach our customers and we need to develop computer skills and social media management.

  • Some sales training courses we can do are:
  • Marketing and digital sales course
  • Community Manager course and use of social networks
  • Web positioning courses with Adwords and Adsense

All these competences can greatly boost a professional sales profile, since they allow you to take advantage of the immense reach of the web. However, there are those who wonder if online courses really have a professional impact.


Do online training courses serve?

online training

There is a prejudice about online courses. Some believe that they do not serve much and that employers do not take them into account. However, this is not true and there are many companies that value this type of online training. Online training courses allow access to continuing education, deepen and develop new knowledge. Although by themselves they cannot guarantee us a job in the field, if we complement it with work experience we will probably achieve what we are looking for.

In addition to being short and less expensive than a university career, they allow you to train permanently. There are some that have a moderate cost and others are free. When choosing we have to take into account certain issues.

Recommendations on free training courses

If we are going to opt for free courses, we should know that not everyone has the same job opportunities or the same quality. Some points to keep in mind.

  • Certification : there are free courses of all disciplines, on the web and face-to-face. What we have to keep in mind when we look for a course is that at the end they give us some certification. Otherwise, we cannot verify the experience in front of an employer.
  • Quick courses to work : there are courses that have more work opportunities than others. For example, if what we want is to find a fast job, it is best to direct our training to the IT sector or services. But this does not mean that we have to devote ourselves to programming or work as English teachers, but we can take advantage of these skills to complement our work in another area.
  • Free language courses : knowing a language opens many job doors and these courses never go out of style. English is the language most requested by employers and there are many online trainings to start learning it. The important thing is that at the end we obtain a certification that guarantees our training.

If we do not find a free one that meets our requirements, we can always find one within the paid offer. In the case of not being able to cover the fee, we can always use a personal loan to help us open professional doors.

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