Salary calculator: how much pay rise you need in Aylesbury to keep up with inflation in the UK

The consumer price index (CPI) rate climbed to 9% last month, the highest mark on record.

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Aylesbury business owner reacts to ‘absolutely suffocating’ rising inflation

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calculator (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)

Prices for everyday goods and services in the UK are on average 9% higher than 12 months ago.

So unless wages rise at the same rate, the people of Aylesbury will become poorer.

The ONS bases its figures on a weighted scale where priority is given to the most expensive items.

A 10% increase in the price of gasoline, for example, would have a much bigger impact on inflation than tea bags, because consumers generally spend more on gasoline than on tea.

He also comes to his conclusions by checking the prices of a wide variety of products.

National World looked at ONS data to find that workers across all parts of the UK took a real pay cut in April compared to a year ago, with earnings around 3%. % on average after adjusting for inflation.

In parts of the UK, employees have lost up to £150.

The figures exclude the self-employed and take into account bonuses as well as regular salary.

National World’s Real Terms Calculator can find out how much people would have to earn to avoid losing.

It is based on net pay and how much it is expected to increase, the calculator also shows how much each individual is paid out.

With inflation at 9%, a worker who earned £1,000 a month after tax and other deductions last April would have had to earn £1,089.92 in wages in April to keep their wages stable.

Calculations by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) show that poorer households – who spend more of their income on food and energy, and less on non-essentials – have faced inflation of up to 10.9% in April.

The IFS indicates that inflation rose by 7.9% for the wealthiest British households.

The calculator does not take National Insurance into account, and many people’s contributions have increased in the past month.